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 How to Change Column Width Template

Templates that we will select many models and colors. Creator templates make various vareasi course to facilitate the users. However, we as consumers are still not satisfied with the types of templates available. Fortunately, these templates we can change in accordance with what we want. Many things we can do to change the look of the template. One thing we can do to change the width of the column to a template. Before you change the column width of a template, we can recognize it by its CSS style sheet. However, from one template to another template, there will be a difference. It depends on the maker of the template. As an example for the header, in the blogger template in its CSS style sheet called header, but for templates of the result can be called Banner designer or other names. Names used do not affect how the look of a template, but giving the names in each section is intended to make it easier to edit the lawyer for the user. As an example, the location of the code to change the column width template is as follows:
# Header-wrapper

 { width: 800px; margin: 0 auto 10px; border: 1px solid $ bordercolor; }
Description: This means that the header-wrapper has a width of 800px and have a border (border is framed) by 1 pixel with a solid line (solid line = full. Dashed = dotted line. = Dotted line as dots) with border color can the change-change (in the font and color

# Outer-wrapper 

{ width: 800px;  
margin: 0 auto; 
 padding: 10px;
 text-align: justify;  
font: $ bodyfont; }
Description: This means that the outer-wrapper has a width of 800px, a distance of 10 pixels between the align his is the left-right and fonts can be changed via the panel to change font and color.

# Main-wrapper {  
width: 435px; 
 margin-left: 20px;  
margin-right: 20px;  
float: left; }  
Description: This means that the column main-wrapper has a width of 435 pixels to the right margin of 20 pixels, 20 pixels and the left margin of the column on the left put.

# Sidebar-wrapper {  
width: 120px; 
 float: right;
 Description: This means that the column sidebar-wrapper has a width of 120 pixels and the screen in the right place.

That needs to be changed when we want to widen / narrow is to change the numbers on the red writing. The higher the number the results obtained, the column will be wide. Good luck with sincerity and you will definitely succeed.
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