may be the same with empty blank

Posted by krist anto Friday, September 17, 2010 0 comments

Outside still drizzling after some minutes of heavy rain flushed the earth.
Very cold with a mix of soft winds that can penetrate the gap between the sash.
Felt the touch of her hand hit me in the face of his beloved.
For a moment I was carried away in a quiet nan lonely, up until the fall of lizard excrement hit the surface of the desk was very upbeat in my ear.
Somehow I suddenly remember, seconds seconds pooled there to accumulate your color between the second minute of my day.
Really, I can not deny that I really want to know, talk to you about a lot of things.
And may include remorse regret that also stands out in a heap of time.
regret because I was so arrogant, as if the earth was not worthy to touch my feet.
And today, after a while I tried to convince myself, I'm better than your God,
Coupled with the many stories that came, I lead, I see and what I hear.
I am fully aware of my consciousness,
that I was just an arrogant coward.
I simply do not have enough courage, even just to imagine you would be this or that in my life.
I only dare to think about me, my day today, with the second row second ongoing progress with the color that I like. Although there is absolutely no your color is so striking when you come inside.

And what I found is seconds seconds with your color turned out to be the most beautiful among the pile.
But I still can not answer the "why it can seem so beautiful?".

Judul: may be the same with empty blank
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